Options for Kitchen Flooring Materials

If you are building a new kitchen or remodeling your old one, there are many options for you to choose from when it comes to flooring. No matter what type of interior design and architecture you have, there is a suitable flooring option that will look good with it. The kitchen is traditionally the busiest room in the house, and with¬†Australian construction at its highest point in nearly a decade, right now is the best time to renovate your home. Therefore, prior to selecting a flooring material for your kitchen, you will need to consider some factors. Does the style of the floor blend nicely with the surroundings? Is it comfortable to walk on? How easy is it to clean? How much does it cost? Let’s take a look at some of the different kitchen flooring materials that are available:


1. Hardwood

This is a flooring material that is timeless and never goes out of style. It has the ability to give a kitchen both beauty and warmth. Although a hardwood floor has an elegant appearance, it can be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time. This is one of the major disadvantages of this type of flooring. The good news is that hardwood floors are able to blend in with nearly any style of kitchen you have. However, hardwood is also expensive, so cost will definitely be a major consideration for most people. Another negative is the fact that it can be damaged by dents or gauges. Water that is not cleaned up quickly can warp the boards in a hardwood floor. 


2. Cork

On the good side, cork is an eco-friendly material, so no trees need to be cut down to make it. It is fire-resistant, hypoallergenic and a thermal insulator. It can resist mildew and mold. If you happen to drop dishes on a cork floor, there is less of a chance they will break. However, it can be damaged by moisture, it can puncture and dent, it is easy to scratch and it will fade when exposed to direct sunlight.


3. Bamboo

Bamboo floors have seen an increase in popularity in recent years. They are more sturdy than hardwood floors, as well as being both biodegradable and recyclable. However, the quality of bamboo floors can vary greatly, so buy them with caution. Bamboo will also absorb more moisture than hardwood floors.

polished concrete

4. Polished concrete

Polished concrete provides the appearance of a stone floor at a much lower price. Along with looking attractive, it is water-resistant and simple to clean. Concrete polishing is not a difficult chore for homeowners to perform. However, there are professional concrete polishing services available. Concrete inhibits odors, mildew and mold. It can also lower energy costs because it is capable of absorbing heat. More about polished concrete flooring here.