Leveraging Kitchen Space to Sell a Home


Statistically, the most important factor in the sale of a home is its exterior appearance. Be as it may, a smart seller will not neglect the interior space when it is inspected by appraisers and potential buyers. Attractive kitchens add to property value, both because of their attractive furnishings and because cooking in a clean and attractive space is more enjoyable. If a kitchen does not contribute to an appetite, then prospects will mark your home off their menu.

Do kitchens help sell a house? Every space is examined, although home buyers do not expect much from a bedroom or a basement, simply because they will not likely be keeping the furniture. Bathrooms and kitchens typically remain as they are, so buyers will likely get what they see. Homemakers wanting to be visited often will value spaces likely to be seen and used by guests. 


Kitchens are typically the most expensive part of a home, cubic foot for cubic foot. This boils down to the special outlets for ovens and refrigerators as well as all the counter space and cabinetry. Many home owners leave the refrigerator and range in place, preferring instead to sell them along with the house and avoid the moving trouble. If all these accessories are apart of the package, then they should be cleaned and kept orderly.

Floor tiling and counter space are potentially beautiful. If these surfaces are unattractive, then they can be replaced without prohibitive expense. While ceramic tiles can be more attractive, linoleum colored to resemble ceramic flooring is cheaper and still looks outstanding. Counter tops can be replaced without tearing out the cabinets, and a new surface can make an old kitchen look new. The cabinets themselves can be repainted if they are showing age.


Improvements are appreciated by potential buyers and can often be tacked onto the sales price, but they do not always pay off. Excessive replacements might go unnoticed, and interested parties will not be scrutinizing every nook and cranny. The overall impression of the kitchen is what contributes to the market value of a home, if everything is in excellent working order.

The value in cleaning and renovating a kitchen is that it reveals far too much about a house’s age. Old faucets will not only be stained but might seem too period. While the tap and sink basin can be cleaned, they can just as readily be replaced, and this is one more way to contribute to a modern appearance. Even if the rest of a house is intended to appear rustic, a clean and new kitchen is what all home cooks desire.


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